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Christina Khalil Bikini Try-On (1 Video)

Christina Khalil Bikini Try-On.ย See more of her here.


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  1. She is awesome, she doesn’t have nudes yet but she’s on her way. Just one thing, upload more videos of her or newest cause in the page thothub it was uploaded a week ago

  2. Seems like the only way to get her live try-ons is to record them as they’re happening. I’m sure someone has but they want to keep them private. ๐Ÿ˜”

  3. WOW!, first to comment here today, with more an awesome post from my beloved Christina, i just love her and her breath taking vรญdeos, and this vรญdeo is an exemple of this. Christina is a nice girl with a great personality, but once on wile comes here “haters” of her, but i must not waste any more time about this. Exist guys who like her and guys who don`t, but any guy who don`t must have respect with the person and not be rude.

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