Cloveress ASMR Nude & Tease (18 pics)

Originally posted on June 17, 2018 @ 12:01 am


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  1. Gods DAMN! What the Hell is with all the gay men in this comments section???

    I mean, say what you will about her, I suppose, but you people asking her to “cover up” are fucking homosexual!

    If you don’t like looking at women, DON’T. Don’t disparage us for looking at women, and we won’t disparage you for liking dick.

  2. Lol ugly ass bitches always begging for money. She isn’t even remotely cute. This is pathetic seriously look at those messages lmao

  3. Lol at the two people awkwardly standing in the background as she whores herself out in a hotel room! Has she been back online since her little meltdown on the 13th when she said “fuck you all too” to her “fans” on Twitter? I guess just making a new Chaturbate account is a bit beyond her.

    • those 2 people are her meth head friends who made the sex tape with her. they get fucked up and bang each other. she could barely even speak.

      • Dude…You sound JEALOUS! LOLOLOLOL!!!!

        I mean, really, what kind of fucking virgin berrates others for having sex? Sounds like some pathetic-ass “incel” bullshit right there.

  4. Nah, its that fucking millenial generation where its all “this is my body, my sexuality, I’m not a whore I’m just like every other girl who loves my body… ” shit like that. So sad. Once people realize that Instagram life of not working hard and just living life through filters is a fantasy, reality hits hard.

  5. Look at this fucking whore not wanting to work begging weak ass men for their hard earned money. You a bitch if you pay for a bitch to show you some tits.

  6. LMFAO 100 bucks for 2 girls making out? Jesus christ. And I’m willing to bet at least 5 pathetic losers did it too.

  7. Stay in school and don’t do drugs kids, or you’ll end up hawking your beef sandwich for pocket change on snapchat

  8. She’s so trashy. I mean, I feel like I need to sterilize myself after looking at this. She used to be such a nice girl when she was younger. What the hell happened to her?

  9. Meth Frog does it again.

    I give it a week before she decides to do the Chaturbate thing again and her account gets “hacked”

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