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Gabbie Hanna Twerk Compilation (1 Video)

Gabbie Hanna from TheGabbieShow twerk compilation. See more of her here.



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  1. Anyone who came here feels some attraction to her. So stfu and embrace your manhood. Hell if she’s that ugly you would ether go gay or retain your sexuality. That simple.

    • Not really. A lot of people like to watch car crashes. That doesn’t mean they want to be in a car crash. lol

  2. gabbie would break yo dick, and not cause shes fat. I guarantee that chick would ride you into the hospital, and the evidence is in her hips.

  3. Ah yes, the untalented fat whale. He conceited mind is a huge turn off for me…she thinks she’s a singer all of a sudden. And she’s fat.

  4. It is hard wired in the male brain to be attracted to a nice butt. Gabbie Hanna knows this, and uses it to her advantage, even if she has a elephant face, and for that, she gets my begrudging respect.

    Yay, I’m back

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