Alva Velasco Nude (17 pics)


Alva Velasco nude photos from her new private Snapchat. Alva has over 200k subscribers on her YouTube channel. She is also known as Alva Jay on Instagram


  1. They are not real. The scars are right beneath the breasts where you can’t see them in these pictures. Also the shape looks unnatural and not very esthetic. As you can see in the 3rd and 6th picture, the implants have a round shape, which is bad if the breasts are also hanging like hers. In this case, teardrop implants would have been the better choice. That’s also the reason, why her breasts look better when they are supported by a bra or similar.

    • She literally has multiple videos on her channel discussing her boob job that she was very proud to get and has shared with her followers all along. But thank god we had you spend so much time pointing all this out for us. Idiot.

  2. why these girls use those wacky face filters ALL THE TIME! i know they r trying to hide some face insecurities and try to look cool but it’s just stupid

  3. I have her pvt Snapchat and it’s actually worth it compared to some other girls who have a “private Snapchat” but don’t even show any skin

  4. The nigga in the back don’t care anymore that nigga just looks tired of everything that’s why he’s on his phone

    • They are real, i don`t see any scars, they are real and are awesome, wait a minute…where i heard this line, ah!…i remenber, was in one episode of Seinfeld.


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