Amberleigh West Nude


Amberleigh West nude photos. Amberleigh has over 500k followers on her Instagram account amberleighwest


    • Spoken like a immature boy who has no understanding of what a big girl’s body is supposed to look like. If you fear pubic hair you should avoid self-confident women who are no going to be forced to feel bad just because grown-up girls have pubic hair. Without some delineation of pubic hair, there is little differentiation between their curves and body shape. Looking at a grown up girl with nicely trimmed pubic hair is a heck of a lot more exciting than nothing but smooth that all blends in like a 6th grader. Keep those landing strips coming!

  1. Whenever I see these beautiful thin women, I say, wow, I’d smash, then I say yeah, definitely smash, then it’s how the fuck did you get a body like that? Do they like have a slice of bread and coffee for breakfast, a sweet for lunch, and the fuck boy they’re dating’s semen for dinner? Maybe, I’m just overthinking this…


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