Anna Zapala Lingerie (29 pics)


Anna Zapala lingerie screenshots from her YouTube videos.

The first set are from the video MY UNHEALTHY OBSESSION | LINGERIE HAUL

And these second set of screenshots are from the video STOCKINGS, ACCESSORIES| WISH LINGERIE HAUL


  1. Nice post, with a pretty girl, and a nice body too, why many people enter here in the comments and talk about other things then apreciate the girl insted…i don`t get it, if you don`t like why trouble yourself to comment.

  2. Ugly fucking face, but I’d fuck her in the ass with no lube, until she starts screaming, crying, and bleeding out of the hole.

        • Talent as in modelling…yes? I think she’s attractive, hence nothing but talent. I know you can be a bit “fruity” finding tara toomanycocksinmymouth attractive and all so dont be so hasty to judge my preferences young man.

          • Again, dressing in skimpy outfits isn’t a talent. The clothing isn’t what makes the model. It’s their charisma, their looks, and how they ‘strut their stuff.’ Not dressing up like a whore.

            Also, so what if someone finds Tara Babcock attractive? Sure, her face is kinda messed up, nothing a paper bag can’t fix. But she’s got a seemingly nice body, so I’d smash.

          • And I don’t believe Harry has stated that he finds Tara Babcock attractive. Maybe you thought Harry meant that when he said he’d smash. Yes, this is third person.


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