Christina Khalil Live Try On (1 Video)


Christina Khalil Live Try On from her Patreon. See more of her here.


  1. Wow she is fucking annoying, wtf is the point in wearing pasties if you show a total of like 15 seconds of your tits and try hide them when changing. I feel bad for whoever paid for this shit

  2. Someone tell Dave the Cuck to go back to celebjihad if he’s going to be doing this lame unfunny RP bullshit. Come beat your meat and fuck off.

    • That’s the great thing about being a woman, a pretty face isn’t needed. All you need is to do some squats and cardio! As a man.. the world is a bit different.

  3. Lol I’m fapping to this video while my wife gets fucked hard by her black friends in the next room. She sounds loud and happy 🙂


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