Christina Khalil Lotion (1 vid)


Christina Khalil Lotion video from her Patreon


  1. Please get explicit content for Stephanie Marie. Subscription happens on website

    Here is her instagram : ttps://

  2. Didn’t believe anyone could top Kat Wonders’ videos in terms of how shit they were, but I’ve been proven wrong.

  3. Good looking girl, nice body but what’s up with the video? The whole lotion thing is weird and not at all sexy. Do people actually pay to watch a woman put lotion on herself? Perhaps if she was naked, it would be nice but hell, she’s in non revealing bra and panties. What an epic failure of a video.

  4. Those nasty people with Foot Fetishes get to get off to her but people that wanna bust to seeing her naked get nothing, what an ass tho.


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