Christina Khalil Patreon Leaked Undress Video


Christina Khalil Patreon Leaked Undress Video.

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  1. Ya’ll need to relax. She has a nice body and good tits and ass, but she’ll NEVER show them so long as people pay for…whatever this is?

    Sexy lady and I’ll check back in a year or two. Kind of like Brooke Marks and the “Panda” girls.

    But these girls are making money…! Because some people pay for anything, even used bath water lmfao

  2. She has a boyfriend who prostitutes her on youtube and other channels… Man how dumb can you be gurl?
    She don’t show anything so don’t see the point in her videos.

  3. She’s always like that.. make us feel like this time she will show for sure.. n in the ends.. we will be cheated again! Not gonna pay for her next videos.

  4. I really think she will lose a lot of fans soon. 🙁 Sorry you want to tease guys in this way & think we dont want to see you fully naked? Come on!! I’m a big fan, but think now your getting Tv gigs & your giving away cars, it’s now just become a big rip off. 🙁 All the best in you endeavours. But I won’t be watching. 🙁

  5. So when she first started taking her top off and covering her boobs it was hot because there maybe was a chance she would show some shit but since it is pretty much guaranteed that she ain’t showing ain’t her content has been horrible.


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