Christina Khalil See Through Bra (1 pic)



  1. She has almost 1k patreon subs with no signs of slowing and she doesn’t show anything. In the beginning she at least gave us complete breast shots even tho she had pasties on – she doesn’t even do that anymore. She’s never going to get completely nude, it’s just wishful thinking at this point.

    I’m done subbing to her. Hopefully she does something worth it for the people who like her – doubt it though.

  2. she always wears nip covers.. don’t be naive lol these girls use patreon to their advantage.. tease the hell out of guys and make them pay anywhere from $50 – $200+ just to see them in underwear??!! GTFOH… don’t be dumb lol these sites like these are out here for a reason.. if they want to make someone pay that much then they better get naked then…


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