Christina Khalil Sexy Pictures (41 Pics 1 Video)


Christina Khalil Sexy Pictures. See more of her here.


    • She’s a step up from Belle Knox. Better titties, better ass and her nose isn’t as bad so she’s prettier. She’s a bad bitch in my book, wish she would actually show her tits though.

  1. I just think there’s a bit of pent up hostility towards her, people want more from her but she’s kind of reserved. She wears pasties but still acts shy about showing her boobs. Idk I still think she’s great, but not into her like I used to be.

    • Her face is a 4.5 at worst, her body is definitely 8+, all depends on the veiwer. As a sex partner, definitely an 8, imo, as a gf, a 6, imo

    • Hey!…what`s is wrong with her face, for me she is a beautiful woman, she have the full “package”, understand, she has a great personality too, and i love the try ons on the her youtube channel, i can`t tired of seen it.

          • I think the gentleman is referring to you saying,’what’s wrong with her face?’ The gentleman obviously took offense to this seeing as she is a butterface, which i agree with

          • I know she`s beautiful, but you guy`s say she`s got a butterface, what you mean with that?, sorry im not American or English, for that im not know.

          • for the guy above me, a buttrface is someone with a nice body, but a less than average looking face

          • Thank you stoop!…im not know some expretions or words that you guy`s say, but if butterface means this?, im not agree she is a beautifull woman, her face and body the “full package” as i said before.

      • how can you fap with her annoying ass cuck boyfriend chiming in every 5 sec in the background? his fucking voice is boner killer for sure

  2. The kind of girl you’d only do doggy style with and have a paper bag on her head for extra insurance


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