Cloveress ASMR New Topless (1 pic)


Cloveress ASMR new topless picture. Not quite sure where it’s come from; she seems to have gone completely dark as her Twitter and all YouTube videos have been deleted

Cloveress ASMR New Topless


  1. Well she is back on you tube thank god. And she started bringing her videos back on you tube, so its good to know that she has recovered from her depression, and she does not do anymore meth and drugs. SO YAY CLOVER IS BACK ON YOU TUBE.

  2. i read she had to move back with her mom and then the mom got into her laptop and found out about the things she does and started deleting all her stuff

  3. Unfortunately she is going to end up overdosing. Her choice of friends and hobbies are leading her down a dark path. A path to nowhere except death. Hope she can turn around before it is too late.

  4. this pic is at least a least a few months old, her hair looks freshly bleached and in her most recent videos her hair had grown out.

  5. Idk what y’all think, but the Erotism part of ASMR makes the inner whore of a girl come out in a Patreon-Pledge form, and i’m not talking just to perky tits here, i’m talking about all of those little “ASMRtist” y’all know for putting a extra something on their videos or giving something in return for 20 bucks lol, thanks for reading i’ll STFU and take the pic (:

    • you are telling the truth. there are like 50 asmr girls with shit like this now. some even start out already pornstars

  6. Just reading comments of perfect morons, people that just not respect woman in general, and also not respect the guy that post this, you guy´s are dificult to satisfy, hum!…

    • It’s not about satisfaction, more to do with speaking candidly without any consequences. I do agree about the inflated sense of self worth though. Also respect is earned not entitled, you and the majority of females on here aren’t deserving of respect.

    • NO. Enough of giving girls that way out. Anything they do isn’t their fault. She’s on drugs. And I don’t judge her for that but you wouldn’t let a guy off that easy.

      • wtf are you on, fam? All he did was make a statement. HE wasn’t giving her a way out either. All he said was that she seems mentally ill. Nothing about how it’s not her fault.

          • Saying the word ‘fam’ isn’t dialect buddy, It’s short for family, which is an actual word -_- Here’s what you said: Nobody gives too shits what you want bud shut yah mouf, she’s tidy end of story. No one wants that momocunt shit. ‘Mouf’ is not a word, but is a dialect for the British, and comes from the word ‘mouth.’ And don’t even try to say that ‘fam’ is British only, cause that’s a lie. And how about putting a name from now on, so I know when I’m talking to you

          • I’ll pass not some narcissist that needs to be recognised and anyway you know who i am by the way i construct my sentences. I have no issue with you; you seem like a swell guy. Just don’t chat shit all the time, fake this fake that, then bust ropes over tara toomanycocksinmymouth. You’re better than that white knight soo we’re all good bud.

          • So having a name makes you narcissistic? Also, can’t realize that Horse Cock Harry is a persona? And I don’t know this white knight you speak of. Reason I want a name is so when you make a comment, I know it’s you and not some other person.

          • I understand your reasoning and your persona but wanting to be recognised as well as differentiate yourself from anon, comes across as narcissistic. We don’t need to know each other lol we agree on alot and have similar tastes in chicas not a big deal. You seem to be pissed of at my retorts more than anyone else’s though lol. PS the guy that calls everyone a retard

          • You’re him? Also, regardless of if you respond to this comment or not, I probably won’t respond. But who knows. And I gues we can agree to disagree on the narcissistic thing

          • No I’m not that cock he’s the white knight most the time. Like i said you’re swell guy.

  7. She’ll commit suicide soon. I guarantee it. She’s a revolving train wreck just waiting for rock bottom.

    • if thats the case, every hoe with plastic in their bodies and natural girls who post shits like this deserves to commit suicide. nice logic

    • This sort of talk is one of the reasons some people DO commit suicide. I hope she’s sensible and either laughs this off or simply doesn’t read it.

  8. I expect her to have a nervous breakdown like Zoie Burgher did, and then claim to have become a better person, while also wanting to set up a charity for female content creators who are ‘oppressed.’


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