Des P Nipple Slip (2 pics 1 gif)


Des P nipple slip during the video MY SUMMER SHOWER/HYGIENE ROUTINE! (WASH DAY) at 7:50. The is also known as gwaperella on Instagram & Twitter


  1. I feel like some faggot on here sees this post then goes to the YouTube video just to hit report or comments on the video “7:50 there’s a titty everyone!!! Then it gets deleted”. Get a fucking life.

    • What kinda traumatic past you gotta have to be slinging the word “nigger” around the way you do.
      I can only imagine you went to home school with the structure of an old fashioned catholic school; the only way you’d get that finger out your ass was through racism. If you boil your lessons down, nigga, you’re no smarter than the slaves people like you fostered.

          • Than don’t associate the word nigger with any black person; it still carries the negative connotation when a black person is called that by anyone out of the blue, especially associated with ew. I don’t care if you have a preference, but don’t uses a racial slur or ew to define any lady, bb.

        • Dave IS a troll. Wait, you actually believe what Dave says is the person’s true beliefs? You think I would believe anything you say either? you’re both trolls.

      • I thought it may be a troll. Even if you, are I still feel the same way. I don’t like on in even the context of being a troll, but I guess that’s why you are a troll. Have fun we your anger baiting commontary. Not all trolling is unfunny; it’s the racial slur that’ll always fuck me up. Say more of what you will, but I’m done here. I do dare you to be a troll when it’s not the internet though.

        • I think the point of being a troll is the anonymity and saying what you want with little repercussions. If you do it offline, the you’re no longer a troll. I’m sure you realise that the word troll is synonymous with internet, so your last comment just doesn’t matter. However, I’m will enjoy trolling, thank you very much.


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