Gabbie Hanna Nipple Slip (1 pic)


Gabbie Hanna from TheGabbieShow nipple slip from an Instagram post.
She’s trying to play it off and say it’s just the lighting but there’s a noticeable bump

Gabbie Hanna nipple slip


  1. that is her areola but the bump isn’t her nipple lol you can’t actually see the actual nipple but you can definetely see a lot of her big areolas

  2. Clearly not her nipple. She even clarified with everyone on insta that it isn’t her nipple otherwise the picture would have been deleted by now.

      • Have you ever seen a nipple before? Are they usually that high up on tits that big? Her tits are BIG, for her nipple to be there, it’d be like having it on the side of her tit.

  3. The fact she says it’s lighting/shading is hilarious. Assaying to was a big bite would have been more believable lol.


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