Grace Diaz Squirt (1 vid)


Grace Diaz squirt tutorial, kind of. Grace is a YouTuber with 28k subscribers


  1. @Jumbo…What a Dumbo girls do have a prostrate yet it has been called many other things I guess you failed sex education. Nothing finer when a women squirts on you… Do you know what blood wings are? hairy or bald no problem get off your mommas couch stop watching porn and have arealwomen tech you her talents.

  2. this dumb bitch thinks she has a prostate, and that her rocks have energy. she’s both ignorant and gullible.

  3. Yes, the liquid released during squirt is piss, but there’s a difference between squirting and urinating on a towel.

  4. Holy shit… did she just piss in her living room???
    And I realize that the word (yoni) is a “grown up” word for it… but please, call it a pussy like a normal adult would.
    That word just gives me hives, and makes me not want to watch anymore of your shit…
    And while we are on that subject… Shave that shit, nobody is gonna want to look at your hairy cunt for more than 10 seconds…


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