Hungry Lips Patreon (1 vid)


Hungry Lips Patreon video that cost $1800. Yes, $1800! Hungry Lips creates ASMR videos on YouTube and has just under 300k subscribers

Credit to the guy that paid for a leaked this!


  1. Lol, only the dumbest of dumb fucks would pay that. You could literally hire a well known pornstar to film a scene with you for less than that… and make more than you spent selling it on a site to film the goddamn scene

    • $1,800 I could’ve caught a flight to Germany 🇩🇪 From ATL Ga visited the red light district hired an escort and a hotel room for cheaper than $1,800 for some non naked video on my damn laptop that guy is next level moron.

  2. Where do we begin this.. Let’s see.. First of all Hungry Lips is annoying as fuck. She is boring and the effort she puts in any of her videos is as much as the the effort you’d put into flushing after taking a dump.. The Carl dude, actually spent 3k on her for two videos and got basically the same shit in both. Only the first one was a mess of clips repeated and poorly edited. Her iconic phrases like “do you enjoy this/that”, how “naughty” she is and her talk about how basically her whole wardrobe is from Victoria’s Secret are soooooo painfuly boring it literally makes my ears bleed. Every single video she makes involves her messing with her hair and kissing sounds no matter what the theme is. Her tits are just ugly although her ego is so big she thinks everyone likes her. The only good thing about her is her ass. She’s not worth the money. She’s trying to look and act like a camgirl and failing hard and on top of that she’s not even a good asmrtist. Cudos to the guy who wasted 3k to get what he can get for free. Hopefully it doesn’t happen again and she stops making a fool of herself.

  3. She needs to take Carl’s $1800 and invest in a pair of tits! Don’t act surprised people. We always knew they were awful.

  4. 1800$ WTF WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!! with Half that money you could FUCK someone as/better looking than her! to me anyone that wastes more than 20$ on a internet hoe should just look for a prostitute

    • Well with 1800$ you can fuck a pornstar already no doubt. anyway I will never pay that much money for a hoe from internet like that. you got be a huge fan or a crazy man like Carl.

  5. That kissing sound used to be sexy to me… now it makes me dry-heave…
    She really overdid it… holy shit, 1800 $ for this??? she dosent even have nice tits, had it been iJustine, I would have gladly paid double that, but damn!!!

  6. ….Well atleast its a half hour?….I guess….Still so many better options for $1800; travel, semi-reliable used car, pay off debt. I’ll never understand why people pay for porn.


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