Lisa ASMR Nipple Slip (2 pics 1 gif)


Lisa ASMR nipple slip / downblouse from the video Lisa Legging Tapping and Rubbing


  1. Can you please remove this image. I know I don’t have the right to ask but she is actually a close friend. I was linked to this page by a friend and I feel so bad knowing that this is actually up here.

    Thanks in advance

      • I mean the fact it’s called Nipple slip in the first place is completely stupid as you do not see a nipple at all. You can actually see that there is infact no sign of her nipple at all which indicates a strapless bra. It’s like you guys don’t understand the difference between cleavage and nipple. You poor sad souls.

      • Bruh, the top half of my chest was showing. But if you’re too ignorant to realize that, that’s on you. You seriously can see that much if not more when people wear bikinis, so calm yourself.


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