LisBug Nipple Slip (4 pics)


Lisa Schwartz / Lisbug nipple slip and cleavage pictures from her video Trying The Thong Full Body Shaper

Thanks to the couple of people that sent me this!

Lisbug nipple slip

Lisbug nipple slip

Lisbug nipple slip

Lisbug nipple slip


  1. It’s edited! Fuck Mexicans and Canadian Russians Europeans Africans Chinese Japanese Australians brizilians. I ONLY LIKE AMERICANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sure you are dr. PHILL. we know your secret your not a real doctor you just say you are to get more people to watch you tv show

  2. Na these are fake. Good photoshop tho. Notice her pinky merged with her ring finger and no finger nail on her pinky. Plus no areola around the nipple.

    • Her pinky is tucked under her boob and the shadow of her ring finger tendon is the only tendon shadow visible, hence why you can see ‘merging’ and no visible nail. As for the areola, some people just dont have big ones or its the same tone as her skin


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