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  1. I actually know Nicole went to high school with her before she meet adam she knew how to suck and ride my dick

    • Yeah i definitely believe you bud, a random on a nichè site went to the same school & smashed this girl đź‘Śyou read comments and garner that everyone here is gullible? LOL

  2. All the good white women are taken by superior black men. There are not enough hot white chicks to go around, so when most white boys realize that, they go for the regular white women (E.g. Brittney Attwood or Nicole Lz) or Asian women, who have no choice to but to settle for the 4inch white boys because they never had a chance with the alpha black men in the first place.

    • We know you’re a white liberal made because Trump won and is kicking ass. That doesn’t mean we give a shit about your delusional view of the <7% of society that is the black man.

      Everyone knows that whitey gets the money and the sweet pussy. Stay mad and stay cucked, faggot.

    • Oh look another pathetic loser. Blacks never had anything, everything is given to them by white people. Look at all the black countries and how pathetic they are doing. So then what you do is you try and go for sexuality to “feel” superior, you do realize that not all white dudes have smaller dicks right? The reality of the situation is you are at the bottom of the bell curve in intellect and that is why you idiots are mass killing each other thinking you’re cool throwing gang signs. Racist Black people are everywhere and I think its time to solve that issue.

      • The only issue I see right here is a bunch of virgins talking about politics on a porn site. Y’all should just hang yourselves.

        • Again so the retard literally not talking about the racism from the first post and puts racism on the facts of the second post. Besides some exceptions black males are failures. 6% of them are responsible for 50+% of all violent crimes in the USA. Outside the USA all their countries are shit holes. There are some exceptions, but in general, they are failures. That’s why they have to fantasize about the BBC thing because they have an inferiority complex. That’s why there is the “we wuz kangz” movement where they try and say they where Egyptians. Because in GENERAL, they are failures, Exceptions don’t make the rule. If they can be racist towards whites then we can hit them with facts. Now shut the fuck up qwerty you fucking bitch.

          • I think you misunderstand buddy not everyone is from or gives a SINGLE fuck about American bs this isn’t 4chud its sexy youtubers(&misc) shut yah mouth and stop being so sensitive to trolls and banter.

          • Yo boom, you missed my point. The guy was bashing blacks, and insulting people based on skin colour is wrong no matter what. Secondly, You say that most blacks are failures and then you use a statistic saying 6% of blck men commit 50% of crime. That number is large yes, but if most black men are failures, then why are only these 3/50 commiting crime. That’s a very small number(even though i just said large too) so how can most black men be failures. And all races have problems.


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