Vantoee Patreon (3 vids)


Vantoee Patreon videos from the $300 tier. The first two videos are from her $300 tier on Patreon, unsure what tier the 3rd video is from but I feel sorry for the guy that paid for these


  1. This is literally the same type of bullshit she posts on her Youtube. Why pay for the same stuff you can see for free? Anyways thanks for sharing.

  2. while i agree that 300 dollars is way to much to pay for this shit..just looked at her patreon and this is what it says

    $300 or more per month
    This tier is the dream, every month you will receive a minimum of 3 video rewards, these videos will mainly be lingerie of the days or a new outfit i want to showcase!
    No nudity, but lots of fun!

    Love Emma xoxo

    they know what there getting themselves into she clearly states no nudity and mainly lingerie videos.. they must just have a thing for her idk.. granted even with no nudity she could put more effort in for 300 dollars..

  3. Who in the right mind would pay for some shitty video which is like 2-3mins and is $300? You must be either extremely rich to waste money like that or incredibly stupid. Its basically the same stuff she used to post when she started YouTube but now shes asking ridiculous amount of money for it, please to do yourself a favour and stop making this whore rich.


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