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Amberleigh West Nude in Germany

Originally posted on May 15, 2019 @ 12:01 am

Amberleigh West Nude in Germany photshoot from her Patreon. Amber has over 700k followers on her Instagram amberleighwest


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    • Is this comment real?

      Germany is know for the biggest Nudity community in the world

      Never heard of the Berlin Wall DDR Nudity

      • Depents if you are a guy then its kind of an indecent behaviour and normally you sentencend for it usally money

        if you’re a women then its basically the same but most the time police says geez get dressed and move along

        but if its an official shooting nobody cares

        and i live in germany since i was born here i know it
        public nudity in germany is only allowed in special areas so if you go to berlin for a visit and running around nude then your in for a talk with the police 😉

  1. there’s more and more people who can’t even say anything about what’s posted before requesting something. have a little class.

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